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CD recordings of music by David Ellis are currently available from various labels in performances given by the Coull String Quartet, Peter Lawson, Leon Bosch, Alison Wells, Neil Smith, John Turner,  John McCabe, Joanna Patton, Ronald Frost, Alteri directed by David Jones, the Legrand Ensemble,  Northern Chamber Orchestra (directed by Nicholas Ward), the Manchester Sinfonia  (conducted by Richard Howarth), Wu Zheng-Yu, and Stephen Wilkinson & the William Byrd Singers.

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CRITO Op.21 (50 mins) Ms 1957
Scena drammatica for mezzo soprano, 2 tenors, baritone, bass (no chorus)
2(picc) 1(c/a) 2(alto sax/bass clar) 2 - 2200 - timp/2 percs - harp - strings[]

Libretto by Douglas Rawlinson.

The revised version was completed during December 2006. 

Morley College Opera Prize & Gulbenkian Award 1964

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SINFONIETTA Op.13 (23 mins) Ms  # 1949/50 rev. 1965
3333/4331/timp/3 perc/hp/cel/strings

First performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra
conducted by Sir John Pritchard, 1957.
Royal Philharmonic Prize 1956.

VIOLIN CONCERTO Op.22 (27 mins) JW  # 1958/60
solo violin/3333/4331/timp/4 perc/hp/cel/strings

First performed by the Halle Orchestra (soloist Martin Milner)
conducted by Maurice Handford, 1962.
Study score on sale.

PIANO CONCERTO Op.27 (23 mins) Ms 1962
solo piano/1211/2110/timp (perc)/strings

DANCE RHAPSODY (in memoriam Paul Hindemith) Op.28 (7 mins) Ms # 1963
orchestral version -
3333/4331/timp/3 perc/hp/strings

Commissioned by Manchester Education Committee for the Halle Orchestra who gave the first performance conducted by Maurice Handford, 1964.


wind orch. version - 3333/4331/timp/3 perc/hp (or piano)/5 sax (2alt/2ten/1bari) /db.1998

Commissioned by Timothy Reynish and first performed during the 1998 BASBWE Festival in Manchester Cathedral by Chetham's School of Music Wind Orchestra conducted by John Dickinson.

ELEGY Op.30 (11 mins) JW # 1966
3333/4331/timp/3 perc/hp/cel/strings

First performed by the BBC Philharmonic conducted by George Hurst, 1967.
Study Score on sale.

FANFARES AND CADENZAS Op.31 (12 mins) JW # 1969
3333/4331/timp/3perc/hp/piano (cel)/strings

First performed by the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, in Denver, USA, conducted by Brian Priestman, 1973.
Study score on sale.

SYMPHONY NO.1 Op.38 (26 mins) JW  # 1972/73
3333/4431/timp/4 perc/hp/piano(cel)/strings

Commissioned by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society and first performed by the BBC Philharmonic conducted by Bryden Thomson, 1973.
Study score on sale.

L Op.41 (14 mins) JW  # 1977
3333/4331/timp/3 perc/hp/cel/strings

First performed by the BBC Philharmonic conducted by Raymond Leppard, 1977.
Study score on sale.

CONTRAPROVISATIONS for orchestra (on a theme of John McCabe) Op.51 (14 mins) Ms 1994

SYMPHONY No. 2 Op.52 (37 mins) Ms # 1995
3343/4441/timp/4 perc/2 hps/piano (cel)/strings + 6 extra trumpets (optional)

First performance: 22 October 2003 - BBC Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Jason Lai
(Concert Hall BBC Manchester) and broadcast by BBC Radio 3 on 20 January 2004.

FANTASIA (QUASI UNA SONATA) Op.53 (14 mins) Ms # 1996
(for double wind ensemble)
I - 3333/4002/timp/2 perc
II - 5 saxes (2 alto, 2 tenor, 1 baritone)/0440/timp/2 perc/drums/bass guitar

First performed by the RNCM Wind Orchestra & Big Band (Carl Raven - solo tenor sax) conducted by Clark Rundell, October 1996.

SYMPHONY No. 3 (Images from beyond Infinity) Op.59 (28 mins) Ms 1998
4443/4432/timp/6 perc./hp./cel./(organ - optional)/strings

ATTLEBOROUGH TUCKETS Op.65 (4 mins) Ms 2001

An 80th birthday tribute for Malcolm Arnold (October 2001)

DESINENT Op. 79 (13 mins) Ms 2005

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IN NOMINE  Op.29a (4 mins) Ms 1963

CANZONI (sopra Sequentia per Natali Sancti) Op.29b (10 mins) Ms 1964
1011/1000/viola, cello/percussion

First performed by the Nash Ensemble London, 1966

SEQUENTIA III ("Tenebrae") Op.32 (19 mins) Ms 1970

Commissioned and first performed by the New London Ensemble conducted by Richard Bradshaw, 1971.

DIVERSIONS Op.39 (13 mins) Recital # 1974

Commissioned by Warrington New Town Development Corporation and first performed by Manchester Camerata conducted by Frank Cliff, 1974.
* Divine Art dda 25119

CELLO CONCERTO (February Music) Op.43 (23 mins) Ms 1977
solo cello/1(picc)022/2000/strings

Commissioned and first performed by the New London Ensemble (soloist Rohan de Saram) conducted by Richard Bradshaw, 1978. The concerto was revised and restructured in 2004.

TRILOGY Op.44 (22 mins) Ms 1979/80

   Circles (strings) - commissioned by the North West Youth Chamber Orchestra   

   Centerings (wind) 2222/2200   

   Celebration 2222/2200/timp/strings - commissioned by the RNCM #
  *Divine Art dda 25119

First complete performance: Liverpool Mozart Orchestra conducted by Mark Heron in the Pacific Road Arts Centre, Birkenhead, Merseyside, November 2003

CAPRICCIO Op.46 (6 mins) Ms 1981
1111/1110/2 perc/piano/strings

Commissioned and first performed as part of the 1981 Bowdon Festival.

DIVERTIMENTO ELEGIACO Op.54a (10 mins) Forsyth # 2003
recorders, harp, marimba and strings.

An adaptation by the composer of the original score for baroque trio.
*Dutton Digital CDLX 7154 (John Turner/Camerata Ensemble/Philip McKenzie)


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DEWPOINT Op.10 (9 mins) Ms  # 1955

Settings of poems by Douglas Rawlinson.

Premiere of the version for soprano, clarinet and piano at Cheltenham Festival, 1968.
*ASC Records CS CD6 (Alison Wells/Joanna Patton/Keith Swallow)

"...Ellis' music is richly varied and at times warmly lyrical...and the result is a very fine work indeed...."

DIVERSIONS ON A THEME OF PURCELL Op.16 (7 mins) Galliard 1956

First performed by the Liverpool Mozart Orchestra conducted by David Jordan, 1957. On hire.

double SATB choir/strings.
(An arrangement of the original 1964 version with organ)

CONCERT MUSIC Op.24 (19 mins) Recital #1959

First performed by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales conducted by Bryden Thomson, 1972.
*Divine Art dda 25119

SOLUS Op.37 (10 mins) JW  #1973

Commissioned by BBC Radio Manchester. First performed in their inaugural concert at the Royal Northern College of Music by Manchester Camerata conducted by Frank Cliff, 1973.
*Divine Art dda 25119

SUITE FRANCAISE Op.48 (d'apres Claude Gervais) (8 mins) Recital # 1950 rev.1987

First performed by the Northern Chamber Orchestra directed by Nicholas Ward in 1987.
*ASC Records CD86 (Manchester Camerata Ensemble/Richard Howarth)

SINFONIA CON VARIAZONI Op.49a (8 mins) Ms 1992
solo bass tuba/strings

First performed by Kevin Norbury and the Northern Chamber Orchestra directed by Nicholas Ward, 1992.

TWO FANTASIAS Op.50 (12 mins) Recital # 1993
(i) Upon one note
(ii) On a ground

First performed by the Northern Chamber Orchestra directed by Nicholas Ward in 1994.
*ASC Records CD86 (Manchester Camerata Ensemble/ Richard Howarth).

CONCERTO FOR BASSOON & STRINGS Op.71 (20 mins) Ms 2002

(See 'Epiphany Nocturne' under Ensemble and Solo).

VALE ROYAL SUITE Op.77 (12 mins) Recital #2007
- five movements for string orchestra, from "Music in a Bottle": written for Richard Howarth and the Vale Royal  Orchestra.

Premiered by the Vale Royal Orchestra, conducted by Richard Howarth on 17 May 2009.
*Divine Art dda 25119

flute (or recorder) and strings.  

SEPTEMBER THRENODY Op.91 (11 mins) Recital #2011

Premiered by the Northern Chamber Orchestra/Nicholas Ward, on 9 March 2013.
*Divine Art dda 25119 

HEAD MUSIC (3 mins) - a little Elegy for Antony Hopkins
recorder and strings

MOUNT STREET BLUES (3 mins) [in memoriam John McCabe] Ms 2015
solo instrument and strings (or treble recorder and string quartet) 


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MAGNIFICAT AND NUNC DIMITTIS  (8 mins) Galliard #1964
double SATB choir/organ. On sale.

Commissioned by Derrick Cantrell for the Manchester Cathedral Choir, 1965.
(A version is available with string orchestra accompaniment).

CRUX FIDELIS (Sequentia I) Op.26 (27 mins) Ms 1962/63
tenor solo/SATB chorus/2222/4331/2 perc/organ/strings

First performed by Peter Bingham, the BBC Northern Singers & BBC Philharmonic conducted by Sir Charles Groves, 1970.
(A version accompanied by organ, plus flute, 3 trumpets and 2 percs is available).

SATB chorus

First performed by the BBC Northern Singers and Stephen Wilkinson, 1971.
*ASC Records CS CD6 (William Byrd Singers/Stephen Wilkinson)

"This is one of the finest works in this collection, a minor masterpiece and a real gem that deserves to be more widely known"

PSALM CXV Op.33 (7 mins) Ms 1970
SATB chorus/organ - plus strings [optional]

Commissioned and first performed by the William Byrd Singers of Manchester conducted by Stephen Wilkinson, 1970. It was revised in 2009.

CAROLS FOR AN ISLAND CHRISTMAS Op.34 (6 mins) Novello 1971
SATB chorus/boys' choir/1111/0200/timp/1 perc/piano/strings

Commissioned and first performed by the Manx Festival Chorus conducted by John Bethell.
Chorus parts on sale. Orchestral parts on hire.

AN IMAGE OF TRUTH Op.35 (25 mins) Ms 1974/75
bass solo/SATB chorus/2120/2230/3 perc/piano/string quintet

Words from the Liturgy and by William Blake ("The Marriage of Heaven and Hell").
Commissioned and first performed by the Harrogate Choral Society (soloist Jolyon Dodgson) conducted by Ian Linford, 1975.

SEQUENTIA IV ("Visions") Op.36 (14 mins) Ms  # 1971/72
tenor & baritone solos/double SATB choir/organ/2 percussion/3 trumpets/3 trombones/tuba (the brass parts are optional).

Commissioned by the New London Ensemble and first performed with the Saltarello Choir conducted by Richard Bradshaw, 1972.

SEQUENTIA V ("Genesis") Op.40 (6 mins) Ms # 1975
SATB chorus/boys' choir/2223/4331/timp/2 perc/organ/strings

Commissioned by the Three Choirs Festival and first performed by the Festival Chorus, Cathedral Choir and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in Worcester Cathedral, conducted by Donald Hunt, 1975.
(A version for mixed choir and organ is also available)

JUBILATE (Festival Introit) (4 mins) Ms #1978
SATB choir/organ/bells

Commissioned by the Manchester International Organ Festival and first performed by the Manchester Cathedral Choir & Robert Vincent, 1978.

ANTIPHON and AN EASTER ANTIPHON (4 mins) Ms # 1977

Settings of the New English Liturgy for congregation and organ, with optional parts for SATB choir, or for 3-part male voice choir.

A DISTANT HORIZON Op.58 (6 mins) Ms #1997
mixed choir and organ (or piano), plus brass quintet and bells.
[Also available in a version for choir and organ - plus bells (optional)].

Commissioned and first performed by Oldham Choral Society, conducted by the composer, March 1998.

AUTUMN LIGHT Op 83 (14 mins) Ms # 2007
mixed choir and organ (or small string ensemble).

Commissioned and first performed by Alteri and David Jones with funds generously provided by the Ida Carroll Trust.

Words by Phoebe Hesketh, used with permission.


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SONATINA Op.2 (7 mins) Ms 1953/54
solo piano

First performed by John Ogdon, Manchester, 1954.

TRIO Op.9 (14 mins) Lengnick  #1954
violin / viola / cello

First performed by the Homi Kanga Trio, London, 12 April 1955. On sale.
*Campion Records Cameo 2027 (Camerata Ensemble)

PIANO SONATA NO.1 Op.12 (10 mins) Lengnick # 1954/55

First performed by Patricia Cunliffe, Wigmore Hall, London, 1956. On sale.
*ASC Records CS CD3 (John McCabe)

SONATA FOR SOLO VIOLIN Op.15 (6 mins) Ms #1955

First performed by Rodney Friend, Liverpool Contemporary Music Society, 1956.

QUINTET Op.17 (12 mins) Ms  #1956
fl (picc) / ob / cl / fg / hn

First performed by the Geoffrey Gilbert Ensemble, Wigmore Hall London, 1956.
*ASC Records PFCD035 (Nimrod Wind Quintet)

AN IMAGE OF TRUTH Op.35a (4 mins) Ms # 1972
soprano / flute(or recorder) / piano

An episode from Op.35 [see above]
*ASC Records CS CD6 (Alison Wells/John Turner/Keith Swallow)

SONATA Op.42 (6 mins) Yorke #1977
solo double bass

Commissioned by John Bethell for the 1978 Isle of Man International Double Bass Competition. On sale.
*Meridian Records CDE 84550 (Leon Bosch)

STRING QUARTET NO.1 Op.45 (21 mins) Lengnick #1980

Commissioned by Alun Hoddinott for the 1980 Cardiff Festival of Music and first performed by the Brodsky String Quartet in Cardiff, 1980. On sale.
*Campion Records Cameo 2027 (Camerata Ensemble)

BERCEUSE Op.47 No.1 (4 mins) Forsyth  # 1981
clarinet and piano. On sale.
*ASC Records CS CD6 (Joanna Patton/Keith Swallow)

AUBADE Op.47 No.2 (4 mins) Forsyth #1981
french horn and piano. On sale.

Premiered by Anthony Halstead and Harvey Davies: Thomas Pitfield Celebration Concert, Bowdon Festival - 16 March 2013.

DIVERTIMENTO ELEGIACO Op.54 (10 mins) Forsyth. # 1996
for baroque trio - recorders (or flutes), cello and harpsichord.

First performed by the Legrand Ensemble, January 1997. 
*ASC Records CS CD6 (The Legrand Ensemble)

- also available in a version for recorders with harp, marimba and strings.
*Dutton Digital CDLX7154 (John Turner/Camerata Ensemble/Philip McKenzie)

"It is really superb....."

TWO FOR SIX Op.55 (8 mins) Ms 1996
for saxophone quartet

First performed by the Absolution Saxophone Quartet, University of Manchester, March 2012.
*ASC Records PFCD035 (Borealis Saxophone Quartet)

STRING QUARTET No. 2 Op.56 (16 mins) Lengnick. # 1996

First performed by the Coull Quartet at the Warwick University Arts Centre, March 1998.
*ASC Records CS CD11 (Coull String Quartet)

"This may be the the finest work in this collection."

FOUR SONGS (of Hope and Desire) Op.57 (8 mins) Ms # 1996
Soprano and piano. Words by the composer.

First performed by Alison Wells (soprano) and Keith Swallow (piano) in the Concert Hall of Manchester University, April 1997.
*ASC Records CS CD6 1999.(Alison Wells/Keith Swallow)

"A fine piece on all accounts".

THREE-NOTE VARIABLES Op.60 (16 mins) Ms # 1998
Sonata for solo piano

First performed by Peter Lawson, RNCM November 2001
*ASC Records CS CD6 (Peter Lawson)

"....yet another major achievement".

SHADOWS IN BLUE Op.61 (6 mins) Forsyth  # 1998
recorders and piano

First performed by John Turner and Peter Lawson.
*Forsyth Records FS 001/002 (John & Peter's Whistling Book)

A LITTLE CANTATA (2 mins) Ms #1998
Soprano (or Tenor) with small bell (or crotales) and Treble Recorder (or Flute).

Words by the composer.
Premiered by Alison Wells and John Turner, Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, September 1998.
*ASC Records CS CD6.

EPIPHANY NOCTURNE Op.62 (7 mins) Ms  1999
trumpet, bassoon and piano.

[An arrangement of the slow movement from the  Concerto for bassoon & strings, op.71].
First performed by Giles Rimmer, Benjamin Hudson & Adam Johnson, RNCM April 1999

OLD WILLOWS Op.64 (7 mins) Ms 2000
solo piano

Premiered by Keith Swallow at the Thomas Pitfield Memorial Concert, given in the Royal Northern College of Music, November 2000. 

ELEGIAC VARIATIONS Op.66 (4 mins) Ms # 2001 
recorders, viola and cello
*Olympia Records OCD 710 (John Turner & Camerata Ensemble)

SAFRANSKI'S HEROIC LEAPS Op.67 (5 mins)   Recital #2001
double bass and piano

- also available with solo double bass accompanied by strings.

Commissioned by David Heyes for the 2001 Bass weekend at Wells in Somerset, UK.

CONTRA PARTITA PER BASSI Op.69 (11 mins) Recital 2001
trio for double basses

Commissioned by David Heyes for the 2002 Downe House Festival, Newbury.

First complete performance: Wells International Festival, October 2003


a version adapted by the composer for tuba quartet (2 Euphoniums and 2 Bass Tubas) written for Tubalate in 2004 and premiered by them at the RNCM Manchester in June 2005.


a version adapted for clarinets (Eb/A; A; A/Bass Cl; Bass Cl.)
written for the Fell Clarinet Quartet in 2009, who gave the first performance of this version on 13 April 2010 at Salford University.

*ASC Records PFCD035 (Fell Clarinet Quartet).

STRING QUARTET No.3 Op.70 (28 mins) Ms # 2002

Premiere given on 7 April 2004 by the Camerata Ensemble at the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester.
*Campion Records Cameo 2046 (Manchester Camerata Ensemble)

"As with the composer's symphonies the result is a powerful work vigorously argued, and given a reading of equally impressive substance by the Manchester Camerata Ensemble".

FRED'S BLUE GINGER STAIRCASE MUSIC Op.72 (6 mins) Peacock Press # 2002
recorder and guitar, or recorder and piano.

First performed by John Turner and Neil Smith: Llandudno Festival, June 2002.
*Campion Records Cameo 2020 (John Turner/Neil Smith)

VETRATE DI RICERCATA Op.73 (15 mins) Ms # 2002
organ solo

Commissioned by Ronald Frost for St Ann's Church, Manchester, the 3rd movement was premiered by the dedicatee on 29 October 2002.
*Dunelm Records DRD 0244 - complete performance (Ronald Frost)

LOW PRIORITY Op 74 (7 mins) Recital 2002
a sonata for double bass (or cello) and piano

Commissioned for the 2003 Wells International Music Festival by David Heyes (double bass) who gave the first performance with Mark Cracknell (piano) in the Wells Cathedral School Concert Hall on 5 October.

FOR ONE WHO LISTENS IN SECRET Op 75 (16 mins) Ms 2003
for jazz ensemble with cello and bass clarinet

Written for Mike Hall.

Scored for soprano saxophone, flugelhorn, keyboard, bass guitar and percussion - all of whom are required to improvise jazz choruses.
The cello and bass clarinet act as a kind of 'ripieno' - opportunities (optional) for improvisation are included in their parts.

FIPPLE-BAGUETTE  Op 76 (6 mins) Peacock #2003
three encores for solo recorder (treble & descant) and trunk road

Written for John Turner on his 60th birthday (2003)

1) Round Dance  2) Saraband with Doubles 3) Endpiece

First performance: Winchester Cathedral on 29 June 2004.


No 1: Seventeen or Eighteen Inaudible Canons for solo piano (2 mins) #2004
Written for Anthony Gilbert's 70th birthday and premiered by John McCabe in the Bridgewater Hall Manchester on 16 October 2004.

No 2: The Song of Songs for voice and single-line instrument (1 min) 2006
Written for Ian Parrott's 90th birthday.

Vale Royal Suite for strings:

No 3: Berceuse for strings with violin (or flute) solo (2 mins) 2007#

No 4: Aubade for strings (2 mins) 2007#

No 5: Afternoon Polka for strings (2 mins) 2007#

No 6: Tatiana's Midnight Waltz for strings (2 mins) 2007#

No 8: Sunrise Chorale for strings (3 mins) 2007#
Five pieces written for Richard Howarth and the Vale Royal String Orchestra.
* Divine Art dda 25119 (Manchester Sinfonia/Richard Howarth)

No 7: Aedas Fanfares for wind quartet (30") 2003
Written for the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park, Cheshire.

No 9: Moto non Perpetuo for solo piano (2') 1983
Written for T B Pitfield on his 80th birthday.

No. 10: Happy Birthday (Malcolm Arnold at 70) 1991
Brass Band.

No 11: Spem ex Petribus for solo instrument and piano (1'20") 2010
Written for the 80th birthday celebration of Peter Hope.
[Scored for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Treble Recorder, or Violin - with Piano].

No 12: Head Music for solo instrument & piano (4'00) 2011
Written for the 90th birthday of Antony Hopkins:
also a version with strings accompaniment - in memoriam AH.

CONCERTANTE Op 78 (11 mins) Ms #2004
for violin, horn and harp
*Richard Howarth, Rebecca Goldberg, Louise Thomson/Bridgewater Hall, Manchester

Composed for John Stobart and members of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra.

CONCERTO CORTO E DOLCE Op 80 (10 mins) Ms #2006
for recorder, viola and harp

Composed for John and Margaret Turner.

FOUR JOURNEYS and AN ARRIVAL Op 81 (10 mins) Recital 2006
for double bass & piano

Five two-part inventions for violin & double bass [orchestral tuning].

Also, versions for piano & bass [solo tuning], and for guitar & bass [solo tuning]. 

PARALLEL SHADOWS Op 84 (8 mins) Recital 2008
Four short pieces for double bass & piano composed for Leon Bosch.

Star-shine and candlelight - Cloud-fall and morning rain - Tree-shade and summerglow - Night-sound and meadowdance.

Premiere: 14 March 2009, Riverhouse Arts Centre, Walton-on-Thames, UK - Leon Bosch and Alison Rhind, and repeated in the USA during June 2009.

ARIOSO APERTO (THE OPEN AIR) Op 85 (5 mins) Ms 2008
Baritone, Oboe, Cello, and Pianoforte.

Words by Richard Jeffries.

Composed for the Evelyn Barbirolli Memorial concert, given on 6 June 2009 at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, this commission has been generously supported with funds provided by the RVW Trust.

SONATA FOR VIOLIN & PIANO Op 86 (10 mins) Ms #2008

Written for Wu Zheng-Yu.

for recorder (or flute) and harpsichord (or piano)
- also a version for flute and strings.

Premiered on 3 October 2009 at Stockport Grammar School by John Turner (recorders) and Ian Thompson (harpsichord). 
*Prima Facie PFCD 010 John Turner & Ian Thompson

PITFIELD PUMPROOM Op 89 (10 mins)  Ms 2009
Flute/2 Oboes/2 Clarinets/2 Horns/2 Bassoons.

Premiere - RNCM Wind Collective conducted by Mark Heron: University of Manchester/RNCM New Music Festival 26 November 2009.

solo piano
*Prima Facie PFCD 013

Premiere: Panayiotis Demopoulos/RNCM 5 May 2011

MOUNT STREET BLUES for solo instrument & strings  2015
[also a version for solo instrument and piano] (2 mins)
John McCabe in memoriam.

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Winner of the 1959 BBC "New Music for Brass Band" Competition.

First performed in a BBC broadcast by Fodens Band, conducted by Harry Mortimer, in the Royal Festival Hall, London, 1959.

The material for this work has been lost and is no longer available.

VARIATIONS Op.49b (8 mins) Ms # 1993
solo tuba/brass band - arrangement of Op.49a.

First performed in a BBC broadcast by Sean Crowther and Williams Fairey's Band conducted by Peter Parkes, February 1995. 

ISLAND SEASCAPE Op.63 (12 mins) Ms 1999

Commissioned by the Isle of Man Arts Council for the millennium and first performed by the Massed Brass Bands of the Isle of Man conducted by the composer in May 2000.

RONDO IN BLUE MINOR Op.68 (8 mins) Ms 2001

First performed by the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band, conducted by James Gourlay, as part of the "Sonic Skylines" New Music Festival - RNCM, Manchester, 7 May 2006.

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RAPSODIE (Debussy) 1955 Ms
solo alto saxophone/2211/2100/1 perc/hp/strings

CANZONAS (Giovanni Gabrieli) 1960 (each 5 mins) Galliard
(i) Canzona duodecimi toni a 8 (1597)
(ii) Canzona IV a 8 (1597)
(iii) Canzona a 12 (1597)
brass ensemble or mixed wind ensemble

QUEM VIDISTIS PASTORES (Andrea Gabrieli) 1961 Ms
double choir: SSAT/AATB

THE SECONDE GROWNDE (William Byrd) 1968 (7 mins) Ms
3 trpts/3 troms/strings


WALTZ-SUITE (Schubert) 1987 Ms

PRELUDE IN B FLAT MAJOR [op 17 no 6] (Scriabin) 1987 Ms

(Images Series 2, No.2)

ARIANNA A NAXOS (Haydn) 1987 Ms
soprano solo and strings/hpchd

A SHROPSHIRE LAD (George Butterworth) 1990 Ms
solo baritone/strings

FOUR EARLY SONGS (Schoenberg, Op.2) 1991 Birnbach
solo soprano/strings

   Schenk mir deinen goldenen Kamm

CONTRASTS - Studies in Sonority 1992 Ms strings

Developed as part of a student composition project led by music student Anna Foster at Ridge College, Marple, the work was edited and realised by David Ellis for its first public performance by the Northern Chamber Orchestra directed by Nicholas Ward in 1992.

FIVE SONGS (Gabriel Faure) 1994 Ms
solo soprano/strings

   Chanson d'amour Op.27 No.1
   Le Secret Op.23 No.3
   Aurore Op.39 No.1
   Notre amour Op.23 No.2
   Automne Op.18 No.3

SAXOPHONE CONCERTO (Malcolm Arnold) Goodmusic 1994
alto saxophone and strings

An arrangement made at the request of the composer of his Piano Sonata (1942): premiered by Gerard McChrystal and the Milton Keynes Orchestra/Hilary Davan Wetton.

*Naxos 8.572640 Carl Raven and the Manchester Sinfonia, directed by Richard Howarth - January 2006.

CONCERTINO Op.19a (Malcolm Arnold) Lengnick # 2000
flute and strings

An orchestration of the composer's Sonatina (op 19), first performed by Nichola Hunter with the Northern Chamber Orchestra directed by Nicholas Ward, October 2001.

*Naxos 8.572640 Esther Ingham and the Manchester Sinfonia, directed by Richard Howarth - January 2006.

CELLO CONCERTO Op.136 (Malcolm Arnold) Novello # 2001


A reworked and revised performing edition of the original 1988 version. Edited with the composer's approval.

Premiere of this new version - St Marcus Church, Schneppenbaum, Germany, with soloist Stoian Razhkov and the Musica Art Orchestra of Sofia, conductor Martin Panteleev:  June 2003.

*Recorded for CD by Raphael Wallfisch and the Northern Chamber Orchestra, directed by Nicholas Ward, February 2011.
*Naxos 8.572640         


A reworked and revised performing edition of the composer's 1990 score.

Premiere of this version - St John's, Smith Square, London, given by John Turner and the Camerata Ensemble: 18 April 2004.
*Naxos 8.572640 (John Turner & Camerata Ensemble).

LULLABY FOR VIOLIN AND STRINGS (Peter Crossley-Holland) Ms # 2002

An orchestration of the original piano accompaniment version.

This version was premiered by Richard Howarth & the Manchester Camerata Ensemble: RNCM, Manchester 24 September 2005.

THE SEASONS (Eric Fogg) Elkin & Co. Ltd. 2003
2222/42(31)/timp/1(or 2)perc/harp/strings

Preparation of a new orchestral score to mark the Centenary of the composer's birth - the original material having been lost or destroyed - and commissioned for the Broadheath Singers' 2003 concert programme, it was performed with the Windsor Sinfonia conducted by Garry Humphreys at St Mary's Parish Church, Slough, on 13 September 2003.

This major work for chorus and orchestra was originally commissioned and first performed at the 1931 Leeds Triennial Festival. It was conducted by the composer on that occasion.

On 25th March 2006 the Leeds Festival Chorus and the BBC Philharmonic, conducted by Simon Wright, recorded a further performance for BBC Radio 3.

HAMLET (Alan Rawsthorne) 2005  (8 mins) Peacock
recorder and piano

A revised version of the music written for the 1961 production at Stratford upon Avon using the composer's original wind band score as the basis for this collection of interludes. 


- an edited concert performance version (8' 30") for small orchestra using the composer's original instrumentation: 2 (p).2.1.2.- timp. perc.- harp.

PERVIGILIUM VENERIS (Frederic Austin) 2005 (26 mins) Novello
3233/4331/Timp/3 Perc/Harp/Celesta/Strings

Another major work for chorus and orchestra, commissioned by, and premiered as part of the 1931 Leeds Triennial Festival conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham (see Eric Fogg: "The Seasons"); the orchestral material was subsequently thought to have been lost or destroyed. A re-construction of the full score, pending clarification of the situation, was completed by David Ellis in November 2005.

CONCERTINO for piano and strings, with harp and percussion (Frederic Austin) 2008 

Another work by Frederic Austin, his "Concertino for piano and orchestra" has recently been recorded (2008) in a new version prepared by David Ellis with revised accompaniment for string orchestra, harp and percussion.
*SommCD241 Mark Bebbington/City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra/Howard Williams


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